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Project Managers’ Expectations 2016

27 Jan 2016
Project Managers’ Expectations 2016

The PMI Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey, Ninth Edition, offers some valuable insight into the expectations of project management practitioners during 2016. In excess of 400 participants from Ireland contributed to the survey with a gender balance of 70% male to 30% female.

With information from more than 26,000 respondents in 34 countries and salary data reported in local currency, this ninth edition of the survey, Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey is a significant resource for project management practitioners and their employers, as well as compensation committees, human resource departments and executive recruiters.

This brief synopsis of a small element of some of its results gives a glimpse of the richness of the data contained within it.

Expected change in compensation over next 12 months%
No change29
Increase up to 2.9%31
Increase of 3% to 6.9%25
Increase of 7% to 9.9%4
Increase of 10%11
Average hours work per weekHours
Hours expected38.5
Actual hours worked45.5
Pension Plan offered%
Defined benefits plans19
Defined contributions plans65
Other pension plans4
Benefits offered%
Company car/allowance21
Mobile phone usage52
Paid life insurance37
Share participation offered%
Share options11
The average number of vacation daysDays
After 1 year21.0

Source: The PMI Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey, Ninth Edition