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Terms & Conditions

Course fees must be received in full up to two weeks prior to a course commencement date.

Payment Plans

The use of a payment plan in relation to course fees is only allowed to students undertaking the Diploma programmes. On this circumstance, students may avail of the following payment plan structure:

Students who wish to avail of this payment plan must submit their request in writing to Each request is reviewed on an individual basis.

Failure to make payments in the above timeframe will result in the student being withdrawn from the programme. All facilities available to the student will be withdrawn with immediate effect.

Students will not be allowed to sit the examination until the payment is fulfilled. All fees paid up to this point are non-refundable and non-transferable.


A confirmed registration may be cancelled without cost for up to two weeks (14 days) prior to course commencement. If payment has been received and a registered delegate cannot attend, a substitute may take that place.


Refunds, of course, fees up to two weeks (14 days) prior to course commencement will be processed.

Refunds of course fees within two weeks (14 days) prior to course commencement are not available, except under extenuating circumstances at the sole discretion of the Institute, or in cases where the Institute is not in a position to comply with its obligations to the student.

A student negates the cooling-off period once he/she has commenced the programme, as this is considered an expression of acceptance of the above Terms & Conditions and the use of service. As a result, no refunds will be issued to students after the programme start date.

In order to apply for a refund, a request must be submitted to together with supporting documentation.

Deferral or Resit Applications

Only one request for either a Course Deferral or Examination Deferral or Examination Resit is permitted free of charge. Delegates will be charged a €225 administrative fee for each additional request.

Students who fail to show-up at an exam or assessment session and have not submitted a formal request to defer or resit up to two weeks (14 days) prior to the scheduled date, forfeit the opportunity to defer or resit the assessment free of charge.

Requesting Resit or Deferral of Course or Exam

Students are expected to complete the course and sit the examination on the date for which they originally registered. However, IPM recognises that in exceptional cases there could be serious circumstances outside of your control that may hinder the ability to do so, and a deferral or resit may be sought.

Resit or Deferral requests must be submitted to at the sole discretion of IPM. Full course fees will need to be remitted before IPM will consider granting a request. When applicable, the €225 administrative fee will need to be paid before delegates can re-join the course or complete their exam.

Timeframe for Resit or Deferral Completion

Students must complete the course or exam within two years of initial enrolment and may only attend the modules not previously attended on their initial booking. This timeframe starts from the original course commencement date (first class).

Any student who has not completed their course or exam within the period defined above, must re-register for the course and pay the full enrolment fee before starting again. Exceptional circumstances can be considered at the sole discretion of IPM.

Deferral or Resit Acceptance Criteria

Requests will only be considered by IPM in exceptional circumstances, such as:

All applications will be treated as strictly confidential and must be accompanied by supporting documentation in order to be processed. Examples of supporting documentation include:

The following examples present reasons for seeking a deferral that will not be accepted:

Special Educational Needs

The Institute of Project Management is committed to providing equal access to education and equal opportunities for students with special educational needs. We will endeavour to make sure that you can access supports in an open, relaxed, friendly and confidential way.

Students are required to initiate contact with the Institute and request reasonable accommodations up to two weeks (14 days) prior to course commencement. To put special accommodations in place students must send a request in writing to Exam accommodations will be agreed upon during the Needs Assessment.

It is very important that students disclose a special educational need as early as possible to ensure that necessary supports are provided. By delaying disclosure of a disability, students may be missing out on essential support.

Needs Assessment

The Special Educational Needs Assessment determine the level of support that students require. Based on appropriate evidence of a disability and information obtained from the student on the impact of their disability and their academic course requirements, the Institute will identify supports designed to meet the student's disability support needs.

Standard Disability Accommodations in Examinations

A range of Standard disability examination accommodations will be available to students.

A student may be eligible to avail of an extra time allowance during examinations (10, 15 or 20 minutes an hour extra time), which will be determined during the Needs Assessment.

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Submission License

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Content Approval

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