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Certification Overview

The Institute offers access to the highly-rated professional certifications, accreditation, and qualifications in Project Management
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Globally Recognised Credentials

The demand for skilled project managers is at a critically urgent level and certified practitioners are well-positioned to provide the professional skills necessary to lead project teams and achieve successful project results. Certification offers differentiation and it becomes immediately apparent when organisations staff up for initiatives and seek project management practitioners.

Qualifications, Certifications, Accreditations

The Institute of Project Management programmes are recognised and accepted by the following awarding bodies and professional organisations.
Professional Body Certifications
The Institute of Project Management
Since 1989 the Institute of Project Management has been committed to promoting education, certification and member services in project management. During this period, we have trained over 40,000 individuals as project management has become widely used throughout the entire economy. The demand for education and internationally recognised certification continues to outperform other professional development sectors.
Professional Body Certifications
IPMA – International Project Management Association
IPMA® (International Project Management Association) was founded in 1965 is the world’s first professional project management association. Recognised in over 70 countries across 6 continents IPMA® certification serves as an unbiased endorsement of your project management knowledge and expertise. The Institute of Project Management is responsible for the administration of IPMA’s 4 level certification system in Ireland.
Professional Body Certifications
PMI – Project Management Institute
The Project Management Institute (PMI) is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading, non-profit associations for the project management profession. Its professional resources and research empower members, credential holders and volunteers in nearly every country in the world to enhance their careers, improve their organisations’ success and further mature the profession.
Academic Body Certifications
TU Dublin - Technological University Dublin
Technological University Dublin is Ireland's first technological university, established on 1 January 2019 and with a history stretching back to 1887 through the amalgamated Dublin Institute of Technology which progressed from the first technical education institution in Ireland. TU Dublin has 100,000+ graduates who are making their careers in Ireland and 70 countries worldwide.
Academic Body Certifications
NFQ – Irish National Framework of Qualifications
The National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) is a system of ten levels used to describe the Irish qualifications system. The Institute of Project Management programmes offers access to NFQ Level 8 & Level 9 Special Purpose awards, 15 ECTS. Special Purpose Awards are an award type developed for specific areas of learning that have a narrow scope

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