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Online course

Leading & Negotiating for Project Success

Develop leadership & negotiation strategies to drive organisational change, while maintaining successful project performance.
Certificate of Completion, 14.0 PDUs
2 Days
Leading & Negotiating for Project Success Leading & Negotiating for Project Success
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About the Course

This course aims to help you develop a practical leadership and negotiation framework to create value in your organisation.

The ability to lead and negotiate effectively is of key importance in today’s business world. Successful leaders need more than technical prowess.

Team leaders, project and programme professionals are increasingly called upon to be both effective managers and leaders. Knowing the difference between management and leadership, as well as how and when to switch between the two, is more crucial than ever to sustaining profitable business change.

What will I learn?

Learn with real-life examples and practical case-study exercises how to lead and negotiate with stakeholders more effectively, raise team morale and increase clarity around the business value contribution of various members of your project team.
Leadership Modules
Setting Leadership Priorities
  • Understand how to manage your time more effectively
  • Identify and effectively use high-payoff activities
  • Learn how to prioritise your tasks with proactive planning
Personal Leader Profile
  • Learn your preferred style and instinctive needs
  • Communicate better with people who are wired differently
  • Describes key issues on how one develops trust
  • Identifies the correct type of feedback needed
Communicating as a Leader
  • Causes of organisational communications problems
  • How messages become distorted
  • Effective listening
Motivating People
  • Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory
  • Goal setting
  • Reinforcement, rewards, and punishment
  • Building a motivational climate
Conflict Management
  • Managing conflict for continuous improvement
  • The five styles of conflict management
  • Four steps to conflict resolution
Managing a Leader’s Time
  • What is your time worth
  • Identifying and using high-payoff activities
  • Eliminating unnecessary paperwork and e-mail
Leading Productive Meetings
  • Learn the characteristics of successful meetings
  • Proper actions to chair a meeting
  • Coping with dysfunctional behaviours
Negotiation Modules
Negotiations Basics
  • Understanding the foundational concepts of negotiation
  • Developing an awareness of your own negotiation strategies
  • Negotiation phases
  • Common approaches to negotiating
  • Personal negotiating strategies
Negotiation Process
  • Phased approach to negotiations
  • Similarity to project management phases
  • Negotiation life cycle
  • Strategies and tactics
Negotiation in Action
  • Different levels of complexity in negotiations
  • Negotiating in a Competitive Situation vs. a Collaborative Situation
  • Industry – specific considerations
  • Working within negotiation phases and identifying when to move
    into the next phase
  • Practice in adapting negotiation strategy to the dynamics
    of the negotiation
Creating the Win-Win
  • Methodology
  • Identify each party’s objectives
  • Finding common interest
  • Strategies to develop trust
  • Value of escalation options
  • Conflict resolution tips and technique
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Why do this course?

Leadership demands the ability to choose and apply appropriate styles of management in different situations.

Negotiation is an invaluable skill. Not only do you negotiate agreements with vendors and contractors, but you must effectively negotiate with stakeholders, customers, and cross-functional representatives throughout the life of a project.

Highly effective leaders make a profound difference in their projects. Organisations are only as good as their people, which is why great project leaders are in demand. This course will give you the skills necessary to motivate people and meet the challenge of achieving results in any work environment.

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This course is perfect for...

  • Project Managers
  • Programme and Portfolio Management professionals
  • Team leaders and supervisory staff
  • Business stakeholders with various roles in a project
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Using tools provided in this course, you will explore what motivates others, assess leadership and negotiation styles, and examine communication with your project team. Learn to think like a leader with real-world case studies and exercises designed to help you develop job-ready skills.



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Fee & Schedules

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Student Reviews

Niall learnt leadership & negotiation strategies
Student Reviews
Student Reviews
It gave me confidence to move forward in my career as a project manager
Fantastic courses provided by a diverse team who specialize in different aspects of Project Management. It gave me the confidence to move forward in my career as a project manager and, having recently recertified, they are an organization I trust.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find your questions answered and everything you need to know about the course.

Need further information?
How long is the course?

The course runs for 2 days, from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

How much is the course fee?

The course fee is €750, which includes access to all course materials on the Student Hub, live expert-led virtual classes, recordings and unlimited support from our Student Success team.


Is the course running in the classroom?

It is our intention to run the course in the classroom again. However, as of this moment, the course is running fully online to follow health and safety guidelines.


A recording of each online lecture will be available for playback in the Student Hub for a limited period of time, so you do not need to worry about missing a class.

Will I get a certificate with this course?

Successful completion of this programme results in a Certificate of Completion and 14 Professional Development Units (PDUs).

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