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5,000 IPMA Certified Professionals in Ireland

In excess of 5,000 IPMA® Certified Professionals are currently registered in Ireland and the numbers continue to grow strongly each year. Obtaining your IPMA® Certification can go a long way toward enhancing your employment and/or project assignment responsibilities and getting you recognised in the workplace. The Institute of Project Management Ireland is responsible for the administration of IPMA's 4 level certification system through its national certification body PMI Certification.


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IPMA Certification

A Unique Certification

The uniqueness of IPMA® Certification:


  • Assessment made by professional assessors

  • Consideration of behavioural and contextual competences, not just technical competences

  • Personal, professional career development

  • Four role - targeted levels of certification

  • No language barriers - English or native tongue

  • Independent from specific training courses



IPMA Certification in Ireland

IPMA Certification Level
New Candidates
Re-certifing Candidates *

Re-scheduling Exams

Re-schedule exam with 1-14 days notice
Re-schedule exam after failing to show on the day of the exam


Exam Re-check
Assessment Review

The Application Process


Request Certification Handbook

Request a copy of the Project Management Certification
Handbook from info@projectmanagement.ie


Complete Booking Form


Receive Invoice and Application Forms

The candidate is invoiced and will receive the application forms


Submit Payment and Completed Documentation

The candidate submits payment and completed documentation, consisting of
•    Application form
•    Curriculum Vitae
•    List of projects, programmes and portfolios
•    People to be contacted for references (referees)
•    Report proposal / Rationale for application at this level
•    Self-assessment
•    Project Report (required for Levels A, B, C)


Review and Evaluation by


The application is reviewed and evaluated by assessors for confirmation of acceptance at requested level of certification.


 Assessors Decision
& Interview

The candidate is notified of the assessors' decision and date and time of interview where applicable.


Receive Result

The candidate is notified of the result of the certification procedure.

Eligibility Criteria


To be eligible for the IPMA® certification, you must meet the requirements as broadly outlined below and set out in detail in the certification handbook.


Certification involves a combination of:


  • Self-asessment;

  • Written examination tests;

  • Proven experience;

  • Independent third party interview assessment (where applicable).


IPMA Level A Certification


IPMA Level A®  — Certified Projects Director

Role Description:

Acting on a strategic level within a very complex project environment. Responsible for a very complex project which has a strategic impact on the organisation.


A minimum of 5 years' experience as a project manager in a responsible leadership function in very complex projects of which at least 3 years were at a strategic level.

IPMA Level B Certification


IPMA Level B® Certified Senior Project Manager

Role Description:

Acting in a complex project environment. Responsible for a complex project within an organisation.


A minimum of 5 years' experience as a project manager of which at least 3 years were in a responsible leadership function managing complex projects.

IPMA Level C Certification


IPMA Level C® — Certified Project Manager

Role Description:

Acting in a moderate complex environment. Responsible in a project management role with moderate complexity within an organisation.


Minimum of 3 years' experience as a project manager within projects of moderate complexity.


Minimum of 3 years' experience in a responsible project management role assisting the project manager in complex projects.

IPMA Level D Certification


IPMA Level D® — Certified Project Management Associate

Role Description:

Knowledge in Competence Elements related to project management. Has broad project management knowledge and may work in a project team.


No experience required.




The ongoing educational and professional development of individuals who have attained the IPMA® certification is mandatory.


Candidates are required to engage in a CPD programme to:


  • Enhance ongoing professional development;

  • Encourage and recognise individualised learning opportunities;

  • Provide a vehicle for attaining and recording professional development activities;

  • Maintain the value and recognition of your IPMA certification.


In order to satisfy the CPD programme and maintain an active certification status, one must accrue and report a minimum of 175 Professional Development Units (PDUs) during each five-year certification/CCR cycle.

Please see Section 3 of the Certification Handbook for further details.