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Strategic Project Programme Management Diploma

Learn everything about Strategy and managing Multiple Projects.
IPMA-C®, NFQ Level 9, SPPM Dip.
15 Weeks
Strategic Project Programme Management Diploma Strategic Project Programme Management Diploma
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Your Strategic Step in Project Management

Moving from knowing how to manage a single project to managing a basket of strategically important projects demands confidence and understanding that only comes as a result of knowledge and experience.

This diploma provides a clear, concise and comprehensive description of project and programme management practice and its linkages to PMO and Portfolio concepts.

What will I learn?

The course content reflects current global research, emerging trends, and leading practices.

You will come away from this course with concrete techniques to immediately improve programme and portfolio management performance.

Addresses the importance of aligning projects with the business strategy. Overall business strategy guides project planning, and, in turn, project success drives enterprise strategy. Understand the bigger picture, how to accomplish strategic goals, how to identify what is being accomplished and why.

Project management

Demonstrates how to approach project management and understand all the essential concepts from both a theoretical and applied perspective. It includes the PM life cycle, understanding PM processes and knowledge areas, and the importance of people-oriented skills.


Project Management Mastery

Demonstrates how to approach project management and understand all the essential concepts from both a theoretical and applied perspective. It includes the PM life cycle, understanding PM processes and knowledge areas, and the importance of people-oriented skills.

Project Management Complexity

Complexity and the project, programme and portfolio environment: Best practice frameworks for mapping complexity. Managing high uncertainty projects. Common causes of megaproject failures. Institutional challenges and solutions for global mega projects. Decision making and management. Ethical aspects.

Project Management Information Systems

Appraises the features, advantages, and disadvantages of typical PMIS, from simple spreadsheets to enterprise systems, and demonstrate which project contexts may be best suited for certain types of PMIS and why. It also addresses the information and data required by both the organization and the project to manage and execute projects successfully.

Agile Project Management

Identifies the relationship between the Agile manifesto values, principles and common practices. It covers agile project management methodologies, processes, and roles, when to use agile methods, the advantages and disadvantages, and the challenges of the agile approach when compared with traditional methods.

Program and Portfolio Management

Both portfolio and program management align projects with business objectives. Ensure that the organization is investing in the right projects, giving those projects the right resources, and getting them completed at the right time. Acquire a complete, best-practices-based methodology for project selection, prioritization, and oversight.

Building and Implementing a PMO

Learn a wide range of proven techniques and emerging concepts for creating strategic project management offices (PMO) that enable effective implementation of organizational strategy through engagements, portfolios, programs, and projects. Focus on key factors for success, staffing, PMO activities, and the organizational infrastructure for the Strategic PMO.

Governance in Projects

Sound governance establishes a good project structure, harmonizes processes and resources, and provides a smooth path to achieve project goals. It removes costly inefficiencies that negatively impact smooth running, and reduces the risk of conflict. Governance methods and procedures, project structure, and organizational roles are also identified.

Benefits Realization Management

Value is created as a result of the successful completion of a project. This module examines the set of processes and practices for identifying benefits and aligning them
with formal strategy, ensuring benefits are realized as project implementation progresses and finishes, and that the benefits are sustainable after project implementation is complete.

Financial Basics for Projects

Understanding the Profit and Loss account, balance sheet and funds flow. Financial analysis: Ratio analysis, Liquidity ratios, Profitability ratios. Sources of project funding. Presenting a business case for a project. Impact of cost over-runs on financial ratios.

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This course is perfect for...

  • Project managers or any professionals with a minimum of 3 years of experience
  • People with a common ambition to play a leading role in developing and implementing the project and programme management
  • Those who work both in the private and the public sectors in any size of organisations
  • Anyone from any industries such as Human Resource, Construction, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Medical, Management, etc
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Admission Requirements

  • A level 8 degree, or equivalent qualification from a recognised body.
  • If you don’t have a third level qualification but have relevant professional work experience, you may be invited to interview (personal or telephone as appropriate) with the Course Director to assess your suitability.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Institute’s Admissions Assessment Board. A CV will be required to check the eligibility.

Please don’t hesitate to schedule a call with our educational advisor if you require any further information.

Why Study with Us?
Sole Focus
Globally Recognised
Unparalleled Expertise
Student Hub & Community
Student Success
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Sole Focus

We specialise on the discipline of project management. The Institute is respected as Ireland’s premier certification authority.

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Globally Recognised

Within the IPMA®, the Institute is the national body representing Ireland in a federation of over 70 countries.

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Unparalleled Expertise

A faculty with unparalleled expertise and knowledge to ensure your project work yields the desired business results.

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Student Hub & Community

Access additional course resources and playback your classes, connect with a global student community, brainstorm, be inspired and share ideas.

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Student Success

Our friendly support team is here to help and guide you at every step of the way.

Fee & Schedules

Online course
Strategic Project Programme Management Diploma
15 Weeks
€ 2,450

Student Reviews

Student Reviews
Student Reviews
Excellent course content, presenter and preparation for exam
We had a small class from different backgrounds; HR, IT, Sales, Product Owner. I highly recommend them and they offer considerable value add. Had a query and the head of course (was not expecting it) took a short phone call out of hours so that will tell you the customer mantra. Go for it!
Great course, well run and delivered
I would highly recommend it as a beneficial asset to your CV. The lectures and material are excellent and it was a pleasure to attend on a weekly basis.
The learnings were immediately transferable to the workplace
Fantastic course! For me, this was my first academic experience where all the learnings were immediately transferable to the workplace. The course provided a strong understanding of the Project Management discipline.

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