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About IPMA® Delta

The importance of effective project management is increasingly understood as essential for the delivery of an organisation’s strategic objectives. Every single project deserves to be run effectively & efficiently. However, a project’s success or failure is influenced by the organisation in which it exists.

IPMA® offers a facility to have your organisation assessed and certified. IPMA® Delta is the certification system that assesses the current status of an organisation’s project management competence and points the way for the organisation to move forward.

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How IPMA® Delta can benefit your organisation

The organisation can:

  • Obtain a leading international certification of their project management competence
  • Start a continuous improvement process to achieve better results in projects, programmes and portfolios
  • Develop project management and learn from IPMA® Delta’s local and international assessors
  • Determine their status quo in project management and benchmark it against other organisations
  • Improve their market position through the Delta Effect

The IPMA® Delta I/P/O model

IPMA® Delta is a holistic assessment for the whole organisation. The IPMA Delta assessment reviews individuals’ competence, actual project processes and activities and their results, as well as the support provided by the organisation’s management system and the project business context.
Individuals (Module I)

Assessment of individual competence in different key roles and perspectives. It focuses on both individuals’ experience and knowledge in their respective domain.

Projects (Module P)

Assessment of selected projects. The assessment focuses on the results and success of implemented projects and the application of agreed project management methods and tools in the assessed projects.

Organisation (Module O)

Assessment of the organisational competence in managing projects, mainly seen through the eyes of the organisation’s top management, their attitude and support of the management system as well as the establishment of governance.

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IPMA® Delta

Moving organizations forward in translating strategy into results

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