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IPM’s 2023 Young Project Management Writer Award

04 Apr 2023
IPM’s 2023 Young Project Management Writer Award

Competition for Young Professionals

The Institute of Project Management recently launched a Competition targeted towards ambitious young professionals in project management. Share your unique insights, experiences & solutions in the project management domain. Envision a scenario where your article serves as a steppingstone towards your career aspirations. They are more than just compositions; they are your gateway to your desired professional role. 

Submission Details

Below, you will find an overview of the categories, deadline, and submission guidelines for participating in this Competition.

Submission Categories:

  • Case studies and lessons learned - analysis of specific situations or projects, highlighting the actions taken, results achieved, and learnings that can be drawn from these experiences.
  • Research - could explore emerging trends, methodologies, or technologies presenting data-driven findings. 
  • Articles and opinions - diverse written pieces that express viewpoints, provide insights on various aspects of project management.
  • E-Books - digital versions of books exploring different topics in the field of project management. 

The topic of the writing is open for individual applicants to choose creatively, provided it remains within the scope of the project management domain. 

Submission Deadline:

30 September, 2023

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Content must be in the form of Submission Categories with a minimum of 800 words
  2. Only writing on project management-related topics will be accepted.
  3. Content submitted must be your original work that hasn't been published elsewhere.
  4. All sources and references must be cited correctly; the content submitted must provide accurate information.
  5. Providing supporting materials such as images or videos to your writing is recommended as long as it gives value added to your writing or can help the reader to understand your writing better.
  6. Content with any promotional aspects such as sponsored products, services or links will not be accepted.

Benefits and Incentives

IPM's 2023 Young Project Management Writer Award  

It is the ultimate award across all categories. Criteria such as innovation, the ability to excite and engage an audience, and the potential for being a "game changer" in a specific category will be used to determine the winner.  

The winner will receive the following benefits:  

  • €500 in course credits 
  • Certificate of Recognition 
  • Access to one of IPM’s online project management on-demand courses 
  • Their work published through IPM's official website and a range of additional promotional platforms 

Category winners will receive a place on one of IPM’s online project management on-demand courses, providing them with valuable skills and knowledge to boost their career.  

All submissions that meet quality and project management standards may be published on the IPM website and official communication channels. Additionally, participants will receive a Certificate of Recognition. This Certificate can be displayed in the form of a badge or added to your LinkedIn page.  

IPM offers networking opportunities with renowned industry experts and fellow aspiring professionals, helping you expand your connections and grow your professional network.  

Good luck and let the future of project management begin with you!