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51 Million – You Need to Position Yourself

12 Aug 2014
51 Million – You Need to Position Yourself

51 million is the number of people across the globe engaged in the management of projects, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit.

Project managers are in a unique position to address the pressing needs of organisations but are they ready?

Ongoing training and development are important to help project professionals gain the three critical skill sets needed for successful projects.

The profile of the future project manager will address what is now referred to as the Talent Triangle. This embraces technical project management, leadership, and strategic management skills.

Technical competence is no longer sufficient. Practitioners and organisations alike recognise this. As a result, they are seeking training opportunities that enable them to leverage of an integrated suite of courses. This permits them to meet their career development paths in a timely and structured fashion.

You can secure your competitive advantage by knowing “how to do it” better than others. The Institute of Project Management offers a variety of courses that will make sure you achieve just that.