Southern Award Winner - Niamh Flood



Southen Award Winner


Niamh Flood, DAA



Tell us a bit about your experience before the Certified Diploma in Project Management course?


I have worked for DAA, an airport management, retail and consulting company, for 15 years in both Operations and Human Resources in Dublin and Cork Airports.  DAA is a very diverse organisation and I’ve had terrific opportunities here to stretch and grow professionally.  It’s never dull! I spent several years in Operations, culminating in managing Terminal 1 and the multi-disciplinary teams and stakeholders that make an airport tick. I then moved to HR a number of years ago, and completed a Master’s in the subject. Projects are a constant feature in our business and I’ve been involved in quite a few.


What influenced your decision to do the Certified Diploma in Project Management?


There were several key influences and influencers really. First, I gained an enormous respect and appreciation for the project management discipline and profession as a result of working alongside PwC on the Terminal 2 programme a number of years ago, specifically Feilim Harvey who is a partner is PwC now and lectures on this programme.


Second, the Managing Director of Cork Airport, Niall MacCarthy, who was my boss at the time, is skilled in project management and places a high value on it. Third, our Chief People Officer believed firmly that HR professionals should be focusing more on project-managed approaches to strategic HR activity, and that it would be very advantageous to have a formal qualification in Project Management.


Since completing the course what impact has it had on you in the workplace?


We are undergoing a major Transformation Programme in DAA currently, which is a significant investment by the company in setting us up for future growth and even greater success. Part of my current role (Head of Organisation Capability) is to actively participate in the Transformation Programme across a number of different change boards, projects and work streams. The Certified Diploma undoubtedly contributed to the company’s decision to involve me.