National Award Winner - Alice Quinn



National Award Winner


Alice Quinn, Irish Life



Tell us a bit about your experience before the Certified Diploma in Project Management course?


Prior to starting the Certified Diploma in Project Management course, my career was largely in marketing roles. The core of my roles involved the delivery of various campaigns, which were of varying complexity and often challenging timelines. 


So while not formally project management, the integration of various campaign elements and involvement of both internal and external stakeholders, meant that I was delivering projects that were resource, time and budget specific.


What influenced your decision to do the Certified Diploma in Project Management?


By nature I am organised, planful, collaborative and solution focussed and have always approached my work by leveraging this skillset. I saw Project Management as a discipline that complimented this, I have years of experience as both a project manager and a project team member and wanted to gain an internationally recognised formal qualification that would provide a template to professional growth and opportunity.


Since completing the course what impact has it had on you in the workplace?


While attending the course, I could see that the merits were immediately applicable. A number of my team and other departments sought out my advice on different project management initiatives. It enabled me to immediately practice what we were being taught during the lectures.


I now work in a dedicated project management role in the sales side of the organisation.  The course has equipped me with both the confidence and toolkit to bring influence upon both the overall strategic direction and the prioritisation of specific initiatives.