Mastering Strategic Project Management

Mastering Strategic Project Management

Today, we all deal with projects in one way or another, whether as sponsors, team members, project managers, or stakeholders. Your job title may not include Project Manager, but nevertheless managing projects is a given in any form of professional work.

Like it or not, being educated, competent and hardworking is not enough to ensure professional success, career advancement and personal satisfaction in today’s world. Expertise in your own professional area is necessary, but not sufficient.

Today, every knowledge worker must be multi-skilled and quick to adapt to new technologies as they emerge. Mastery of your own speciality is no longer enough because the most critical work requires collaboration across different technical disciplines, organisational elements, and stakeholder’s interests. Project management skills are valuable, but to triumph in today’s competitive arena, you must also be strategic, with a skill set and mind set to handle the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

Having a   project management methodology is not enough – it needs to be front-loaded with a strategic thinking process to help choose, design and develop the right projects.

Key Issues

To stand-out in this environment, traditional project management skills need to be augmented.  One must also be strategic.

  • Fast-moving environments require twenty-first century ways to think, plan, and act. Traditional project management skills are necessary but not sufficient.  Strategic project management skills has become a must-have body of knowledge for everyone in the rapidly-changing, complex times.
  • By mastering the principles of Strategic Project Management, one gains a lifelong transferable skill set to tackle just about any issue that crosses your path.
  • The ability to turn strategic intent into well-designed, actionable projects is a potent competitive advantage for individuals and organisations alike.

The Strategic Project Management Diploma recognises the need for a more advanced skillset. It affords a unique opportunity to combine a broad knowledge of business and management principles with a specific knowledge of successful project-based strategies.

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