IPMA® Professionals to Drive Bord na Móna Transformation

IPMA® Professionals to Drive Bord na Móna Transformation

Bord na Móna Executives, Michael Barry & Joe Lane front row 4th and 5th  from left

Bord na Móna was established 80 years ago to develop Ireland’s peat resources for the economic benefit of Ireland.

Today, it is comprised of 6 business units Powergen, Biomass, Peat, Fuels, Waste and Recovery, and Horticulture and is an integral part of the economic, social and environmental fabric of Ireland and Irish life.

Due to the speed of change and the fierce market competition, every organization, irrespective of industry, is required to adjust much faster today than in the past. To do so, organizations reinvent and transform. Such transformations involve multiple and significant change initiatives i.e. projects.

To improve its capability and competence in managing these projects more successfully, Bord na Móna, in collaboration with the Institute of Project Management, has embarked on an extensive academic and professional body accreditation programme.

At a recent graduation ceremony, twenty-four employees were awarded the globally recognised IPMA® (International Project Management Association) certification and Project Management Diplomas. These graduates will be charged with implementing significant parts of the company’s transformation agenda.

The ceremony was attended by the graduates along with senior Bord na Móna management and faculty members of the Institute of Project Management.

Speaking at the ceremony incoming Managing Director of Bord na Móna, Michael Barry, said

“It is terrific to be here recognising great individual achievements and a significant investment by Bord na Móna in its workforce. It has taken hard work, commitment and sacrifices for participants to successfully complete this demanding programme while simultaneously continuing to deliver on their day-jobs for Bord na Móna. 

These new qualifications are very valuable in Bord na Móna as our company is undergoing a significant transformation. Business transformation, whether in the form of a new wind farm development, a construction project, a new product development, or a new IT System rollout is a step-by-step process.

In order to continue our success, Bord na Móna must excel at Project Management. which is a critical competence that has a positive influence on organization results and society at-large. I look forward to everyone applying their new skills in the businesses across the Group”.

Bord na Móna plans to become number one in the markets in which it operates. By transforming how it operates today, in all areas of the business, it will become the leader in providing sustainable options for Irish consumers.

Ed Naughton, Institute of Project Management director, noted that “it was very refreshing to see an organisation such as Bord na Móna take a holistic view on how to build its project management capability. 

While introducing structural change and new methodlogy via the establishment of an EPMO (Enterprise PMO) it has also set in place a rigorous training initiative at all levels from grass roots to executive engagement. As the world has become increasingly projectized, organizations are continuing to rely on the peace of mind they get from having professionals who hold a widely recognized certification.”


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