Institute’s International Reputation recognised at IPMA World Congress

Institute’s International Reputation recognised at IPMA World Congress

The International Project Management Association (IPMA) 27th World Congress recently took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia. At a Gala Awards ceremony on Tuesday night, Ed Naughton the Director General of the Institute was awarded Honorary Fellowship status. His candidature was voted on and approved by delegates from 55 countries from around the world.

The IPMA was founded in 1965 and is the world’s oldest professional project management organisation. Since its foundation, it has only made this award to 25 other nominees. Being admitted to such an elite group of thought leaders represents recognition at the highest level possible.

Ed’s  career in and contribution to project management spans many facets ranging from extensive practice in the capital asset and business domains, to professional organisation participation on both a domestic and international landscape through to educational and certification achievements of distinction. He is a former Vice President for Marketing at IPMA and currently is a member of their Education & Training Board. Such involvement always ensures that the quality and calibre of the Institutes education and certification programmes constantly reflects the very latest and most up to-date international thinking.

The director general believes that “this honour is a reflection on the fact that a small country such as Ireland with a 4.0m population can be very influential in its contribution to the world of international project management. In many facets of sport, arts, music and business Ireland punches above its weight and so it is the case with the Institute of project management’s  contribution to the professionalization of project management.”



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